You have a great recipe.

You know people would love it, but you’re not sure where to get started. You ask yourself, “How do I produce this on a wider scale?” Not to mention other areas, like packaging, regulation and marketing…the list could go on.

You just want to make your awesome recipe and get it in front of people.

We’ve been there. Here at Holic we’ve experienced all of these same questions, and more. In our journey building a brand known for delicious, high quality foods, we quickly learned that bringing an food idea from concept to reality was a difficult thing to do considering all the challenges we list above, and that there was not an simple, go-to solution available.

We changed that.

With our Thought-to-Market service, we are here to guide people just like you through every step to bring your great recipe from your kitchen, to the world. Packaging, labeling, production, FDA registration, marketing…we handle it all for you, leaving you to enjoy the smiles your food brings to your new customers’ faces.

We tailor a custom solution for each customer, depending on the level of support that you need. It starts with a conversation. Contact Us today…take the first step.