Here is what we are hearing…

Adam N. (Fort Wayne, IN) likes his Jalapeño Holic best simply by dipping a tortilla chip in it.

Jesse L. (Carmel, IN) says their favorite way to enjoy Jalapeño Holic is on grilled chicken.

Des S. (Chicago, IL) enjoys Jalapeño Holic on top of scrambled eggs and omelets.

Shane S. (Los Angeles, CA) tops his pizza with Jalapeño Holic.

David H. (Shelbyville, IN) likes to spice up his Macaroni and Cheese with Jalapeño Holic.

Jorie D. (Delray Beach, FL) uses her Jalapeño Holic as a dip for shrimp cocktail.

Ginny C. (Wells, ME) enjoys Jalapeño Holic on her wings while watching her favorite team
on game day.

Chris P. (Fishers, IN) likes to mix Jalapeño Holic with his sauce recipes to give it a little kick, especially in his BBQ sauce.

Elaine W. (Noblesville, IN) says her current favorite way to eat Jalapeño Holic is on cauliflower rice with chicken, green beans,cheese and red pepper hummus.

Michele M. (Gold Canyon, AZ) likes to mix her Jalapeño Holic with a block of cream cheese and spread it on crackers and sandwiches.

Ryan M. (Phoenix, AZ) likes his Jalapeño Holic best inside a tilapia and cheese quesadilla.

Frank W. (Noblesville, IN) enjoys his with breakfast by topping a Hawaiian sweet roll with sausage and Jalapeño Holic.