Building lasting memories with friends and family over delicious food. Sharing experiences that create stories we’ll pass from one generation to the next. At Holic we help create those special moments that cause us to smile as we recall them.

After years of sharing their crave-worthy dishes with friends through countless holidays, birthdays and barbecues, our founders, Tonio and Frances Torres, realized that the demand for “samples” of their Jalapeñoholic was growing so quickly that soon, they’d need to expand beyond their home kitchen. Thus, Holic was born.

Soon after, Indianapolis Monthly and others found us and introduced us to their readers. After receiving dozens of inquiries and requests for our product, Holic LLC decided to evolve on an even larger scale. And while we still produce in small batches to preserve and retain our exceptional flavor and taste, we now have the capability to do it much more efficiently. We could not be more excited to deliver our naturally addictive products from our hands and hearts, to yours.

Recognizing our love for healthy, diverse families and vibrant, delicious food, you will understand our commitment to producing clean label, all-natural products. We bring an honesty in our product creation that you can taste, producing foods that taste so good they are naturally addictive. Check out our Products page to see all of our naturally addictive products.

In addition to producing our own products, we are proud to work with a select group of clients who share our passion for great tasting, natural foods, helping them produce and co-pack their product as well. Our automated 35,000 sq. ft. facility allows us to bring to life our vision while helping others with their dreams as well. We work in a customized way with each client, from simple small-batch Co-packing needs for existing companies to full consulting services where we help aspiring food entrepreneurs bring their recipes from Thought-to-Market. Be sure to check out our Services page for more information on how we can help you!